• Composer of instrumental and vocal music available at Zwillinge Verlag.
  • 10 years University teaching experience in all areas of music theory & composition
  • Instrumental skills in percussion, pipe organ, viola, guitar, and voice
  • Master in music composition, CCM 1996
  • Specialties: Bach-style counterpoint, microtonal music theory
  • Inventor of H-System: music theory, notation, and Tonal Plexus keyboards
  • Selected Lectures (by invitation)
    • Ball State University, March 2016: Is Music a Universal Language? The H-System [link]
    • Microtonalist Entrepreneurs International Meeting (MELM), Isik and Baskent Universities, Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey
      December 2011: The H-System and H-Pi Instruments Software
    • Ben Johnston and the American Just Microtonal Tradition, Wright State University, March 2010:
      H-Chroma: quantitative tone chroma and its uses for Just Intonation composition and instrument design [link]
    • University of Illinois, May 2009: The Emancipation of Pitch: Xentone
    • Sibelius Academy, March 2009: The Emancipation of Pitch [link]
    • UK Microfest 3, March 2009: H-Pi Instruments Tuning Software [link]
    • UC Santa Barbara, November 2007: The Emancipation of Pitch, sponsored by CREATE, MAT, and Professor Clarence Barlow
    • London Metropolitan University, March 2007: H-Pi Instruments Tuning Software
    • UK Microfest 2, March 2007: For The Future of Music: Bringing Microtonality Into The Mainstream [link]
    • UK Microfest 1, October 2005 (Keynote): Megastaff: a Notation for All Possible Pitches [link]
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