He's not blind. He just has his eyes closed because he's thinking. His name is Aaron Andrew Hunt — a guy who enjoys writing music and programming computers. He also likes to spend his time designing, inventing, and building things like electronic instruments, games, and sometimes furniture.

He speaks English with a North-Midwest American accent, and speaks high German almost accent-free, but with limited vocabulary and frequently incorrect grammar. He believes that learning is a life-long process.

Over the past twenty years, Aaron has developed skills in contrapuntal music composition, and has been nationally recognized for this. He enjoys writing preludes and fugues, and teaching Bach-style counterpoint and music theory.

He is also an internationally recognized innovator in the field of microtonal music, having designed a microtonal theory, notation system (H-System), and keyboard (Tonal Plexus) based on a combination of ancient tuning theory and modern research in psychoacoustics and data visualization. He also enjoys teaching about these things.

Having learned BASIC programming as a child on a Commodore 64, Aaron now puts his skills to use mostly making custom music software and websites on a MacBook Pro.

Aaron is focused, efficient, productive, and resourceful. He likes to solve difficult problems, and enjoys eating chocolate (especially dark coffee-flavored). He highly values the virtues of hard work, patience, kindness, and good humor, and makes it a point to bring these things to the table in his professional life.